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Piston Compressors

The Ceccato piston compressors offer consists of multiple ranges to fit with professional as well as industrial requirements.

Blueline Professional Piston Compressors
Piston compressors (2 to 10HP - 6 to 500 liters) for semi-professional and professional applications. Available in 2 to 10HP versions.
Direct or belt driven, one or two stage compression, 1 to 2 cylinders.
Industrial Piston Industrial Piston Compressors
Direct-driven piston compressors, single or two-stage configuration, oil-lubricated (CL and CH) and oil-free models (CK).
engineAIR B2800B 100L 4HP engineAIR - BIengineAIR
engineAIR (petrol or diesel driven engine) and BIengineAIR (diesel driven engine + generator). Unplugged compressed air for flexible and movable air demands!