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Air Treatment / Air Treatment

Air Treatment

CDX 9  Refrigerant Dryers: CDX 4 - 840
Refrigerant air dryers from 350 to 84.000 l/min: No more harmful humidity or moisture in your compressed air thanks to the Ceccato CDX!
ADS 80 Adsorption Dryers: ADS 1 - 215
Perfect clean and dry air system with a clever dew point management.
group_ceccato.tif Line Filters
Purified air makes a difference: Line Filters from 720 to 40.500 lt/min. Filtration range for dry air, free of oil and dust. The Ceccato filters extend the lifetime of your air distribution network and pneumatic tools.
Oil-Water Separators Oil-Water Separator
The Ceccato FOD 21 - 1440 Oil-Water Separator is the perfect system to separate oil from water in your compressed air system. It protects the environment and saves costs!
Condensate Drain Overview Condensate drain: LD200 – LD202 – LD203
The Ceccato automatic condensate drain LD range LD200, LD202 and LD203 removes all condensate from your compressed air system. Full protection and improvement of production processes!
Vessel_group_large grijs_small blue Air receivers
Our Ceccato air receivers are available from 100 liter until 5000 liter and they are suitable for any application that uses compressed air!