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Air Treatment / Refrigerant Dryers / Refrigerant Dryers: CDX 4 - 840

Refrigerant Dryers: CDX 4 - 840

Refrigerant air dryers from 350 to 84.000 l/min: No more harmful humidity or moisture in your compressed air thanks to the Ceccato CDX!

CDX 9 
It is extremely important to dry your compressed air for optimal protection of your compressed air system.
Atmospheric air, drawn into a compressor, always contains humidity. The amount of humidity mostly depends on the temperature, the higher the temperature, the more humidity atmospheric air will contain.
When the compressed air is cooled, this humidity becomes condensate and may cause serious damage to your air distribution system and your equipment. The condensate must therefore be separated and removed from the air in order to achieve perfect dry air.
All our CDX 4 - 840 refrigerant dryers are standardly equipped with an intelligent
discharger for optimal condensate discharge. Very compact, easy to install, easy dew point indicator reading, low energy consumption....
There are many reasons to choose a Ceccato CDX dryer and to improve your workspace.

Key benefits & features:

CDX 77
  • Electronic controller indicating all the relevant information regarding the status of the refrigerant dryer and its dew point level.
  • Display specific alarm functions and the service time
  • Control panel with free contacts for remote alarms (on request). 
  • longer life span of your equipment and air distribution network
  • compact and simple design
  • very low energy consumption
  • increased reliability of your final tools
  • lower maintenance costs thanks to less breakdown
  • noise free using an intelligent discharge drain
  • higher final product quality
  • constant dew point
  • ecological refrigerant gas
  • environmental friendly

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