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Dealer Interview

Tell our readers about your company, employees? Location?

Tryckluftservice Väst AB was founded in 1991. We are situated in Gothenburg, Sweden.
For many years the business has been a one man business focusing on aftermarket, service and sales of  Ceccato compressed air equipment.
Since the demand for Ceccato products has increased over the years due to good reputation both on aftermarket as well as the product itself we had to find a solution for meeting the increased interest, from old and new customers.
The solution is now in place in form of a joint venture with another small company to support the increasing demand. Business is still expanding and they increase their market share in their territory.  Main business is today still aftermarket and sales of new equipment but with an increased focus on energy efficient solutions with frequency driven compressors.  This demand comes from the focus on cost cutting together with a greater concern about the environment

How did you become a Ceccato brand distributor? What is the story?

I became a service partner to Biab Tryckluft AB after working with another company that had a co-operation with Biab Tryckluft AB. Ceccato brand was an already existing brand for Biab and had a good reputation for easy to install together with good reliability so there were no second thoughts of using another brand, than Ceccato.

What does Ceccato brand mean to you and your business?

It is part of the Atlas Copco group and offers a wide range suitable for the type of customers Tryckluftservice Väst AB is focusing on.
Besides it offers great value in terms of reliability, cost effectiveness and is also easy to service and maintain.

How is it to be a Ceccato brand dealer, please describe in a few sentences?

Ceccato is a well-known brand, and has a good standard on construction of the units for the complete range.  Its good and efficient delivery of service parts is most valuable and of great importance to us.  The Ceccato units are easy and swift to install which further adds to the cost effectiveness. There are no unforeseen costs when selling and delivering new units. I can have direct delivery to the end users when I want to. There have been very few warranty cases, a Ceccato compressor is just a very reliable product.
Moreover the local Customer Center offers a valuable partnership and good support when needed, also technically.

What would you say to a distributor thinking of becoming a partner of Ceccato brand?

The 100% indirect business is of great importance. You get a reliable product. Satisfied end users are very important when you run a small business that very much relies on it’s reputation when customers are sharing information amongst each other. This local Customer Center is always there for you, the value of their support and partnership is not to be underestimated.

What is the strength of Ceccato brand?

Quality and support is given daily and I believe this is essential for my business. Ceccato is part of the Atlas Copco group and offers great value in the market as well as excellent product knowledge. The serviceability of the products is good, they are really easy to maintain and install. The brand is position to increase market share. The availability of the product is great and the deliveries are quick.

Where is today your biggest business potential? OIS over 30kW? Service contracts? Energy Efficiency?

Frequency driven units in general prove to have a great potential with increased sales and increased customer value.
Sales of units <30 kW due to well built units that offer great performance and that are still cost effective.
We can still further increase aftermarket.

What expectations do you have for the future?

We want to increase the number of energy surveys using tools, available when you are a Ceccato partner, on installed base.
Today client often have a great potential in saving energy and at the same time reducing the CO2 footprint. This is still something where many clients are not aware of the potential being so big.  

Can you give one or more examples from the field concerning: best practice, positive customer experiences or feedback?

Customers are in general very satisfied on availability of the units installed.  They are also pleased when they learn that the invoicing for service and maintenance are in general at a very cost effective level.
Best experience is of course when customers return for an upgrade of the installed base, either to a larger unit or complement with one or more options.
Replacement of Ceccato units due to extensive running hours is of course also very nice and a prove that I provide valuable products and expertise that ads to the customers productivity.

What was the most exciting moment so far as an Ceccato brand distributor?

Well, until now I have to say that what is most exciting for me, is that I can continuous increase market share with Ceccato.

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