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Energy Box

Wasted energy from oil injected screw compressors can be reused for other processes that require heated water.  This means a significant reduction of your energy costs.

Energy Box
80 to 93% of your electrical energy is converted into heat and lost through radiation. Up to 90% of this energy can be recovered and reused for other purposes. This is possible by a simple connection of the ENERGY BOX to your compressor. The amount of energy (heat) recovered depends on the size of the compressor and the use factor (hours/year).   The heat can be then transformed into useful work heating air or water.
Water temperatures up  to 90°C can be achieved. The produced heated water can be used for all
applications where hot water is needed, such as boilers, wash rooms, showers, heating systems, drying processes, turbine feed, ...
Recovery of the energy from the oil circuit of the compressor results of course in a considerably reduction of your energy costs.
According to the capacity of your oil injected screw unit, there are
different Energy Box sizes available.  Make your choice and start saving energy!

Key benefits:

  • energy savings, up to 90% of the compressor energy can be recovered and reused
  • reduced impact on the environment because of lower CO2 emission
  • simple installation
  • plug & play concept
  • easy maintenance
  • stand-alone unit

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