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Original Parts

Go for Quality by using Ceccato Original Parts, so you are certain about the quality, life time, utilized material and the impact on other components.
Only with original components you can be sure, therefore your best choice is a Ceccato Original Part.

Lubricants FluidTech Lubricants
Ceccato offers genuine lubricants for screw and piston compressors.  Perfect lubrication means higher performance and less costs.
Piston Performance Kit Piston Performance Kits
Ceccato offers complete performance kits for piston compressors.  They contain original parts for longer lifetime of your compressor and reduced maintenance costs.  They have easy maintenance for a professional output.
Screw Service Kit Screw Compressors Service Kits
The Ceccato screw compressor service kits are complete kits for longer lifetime of your compressor and less energy costs.  Maintenance is easy!
Line Filter Element Line Filter Elements
The Ceccato line filter elements assure high-output filtration and perfect clean air.  Tailored to meet your needs of compressed air up to 7 bar.
Condensate Treatment Kit Condensate Treatment Kits
3 types of complete service kits for easy maintenance of your Oil-Water Separator.  Go for clean condensate before disposal.  
Adsorption Dryer Service Kit Adsorption Dryer Kits
The complete and most efficient maintenance kit for each type of adsorption dryer.
With the Ceccato adsorption dryer kits you get low service costs and perfect clean and dry air.
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