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Condensate Treatment Kits

3 types of complete service kits for easy maintenance of your Oil-Water Separator.  Go for clean condensate before disposal.  

Condensate Treatment Kit
Compressed air produced by oil-injected compressors always contains small  quantities of oil. When the air cools down, contaminated condensate is produced. Before disposing this condensate, the  oil has to be separated from the condensate, a  process performed  by our  high-quality Oil-Water Separators.  Good maintenance of this  separator is therefore extremely important for  the environment ,  as well as your equipment  and continuous productivity. 
For trouble-free operation of the separator we offer you three types of  maintenance kits.  They suit
different application needs, minimize your service costs and are easy to use. Only these kits will contain the original patented filter bags that maximize service intervals ; the floating material will absorb the oil and sink more depending on the contamination with oil.  When maintenance is required, this will be displayed  on  an outside indicator.  This way , the service interval is fully maximized in all cases.

Service kit A (with 1 oleophilic filter)  typically used  for  the first service after installation in normal conditions .
Service kit B (with  2 oleophilic filters and 1 activated carbon filter) designed for  maintenance around 1 year production under normal conditions
Service kit D (with 1 oleophilic filter and 1 carbon filter) for heavy duty , or  installations with an increased level of oil in the condensate where the saturation time of both filters will be equal.

For some reasons you may be tented to use parts that resemble the original ones, but you must keep in mind that on the long run using non-original parts will cost you more since they do not have the patented function and consequently maximized service intervals.

Key Benefits:

  • tailor made and dedicated for each type and size of Oil-Water Separator
  • easy to order, complete kits delivered with diffusers and mufflers and service instructions
  • maximized service intervals, thanks  to the patented design of the original parts  and
  • warning service indicator for oil level
  • insured efficiency
  • quality assurance  through the lifetime

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